Sophie Dvořák – trac[k]ing | jun 10–23 2017

Sophie Dvořák

flux23 im T/abor
Taborstrasse 51/3, 1020 Wien

Eröffnung: 9. Juni 2017 um 19 Uhr
Mappenschau: 21. Juni 2017, 18–20 Uhr
Finissage: 23. Juni 2017 um 19 Uhr

Dienstag bis Freitag 17–20 Uhr
(feiertags geschlossen) und nach Vereinbarung

Die Ausstellung trac[k]ing zeigt neue Collagen und Zeichnungen von Sophie Dvořák, die während eines 3-monatigen Artist-in-Residence Programms in Shanghai entstanden sind. Zu sehen ist eine konzentrierte Sammlung formaler Abstraktionen und Interpretationen des urbanen und kulturellen Raumes.


Trac[k]ing is a project developed during a 3 month artist residency in Shanghai, China in 2016/17 in the context of spatial relation and perception.

How would you try to grasp a mega city, entering this world filled with abstract signs and references?
In an act of self-surveillance the artist recorded her every-day movement in this city, not with a gps app, but by hand. The „analogue tracking map“ constitutes a very austere, detached recording of a space-time framework, drawing a picture of movement and seemingly disclosing the structure of the city. A map, or better put, an imitation of a map, without sense and reference. Zooming in and out just like we know it from Google-maps, we never get to see it as a whole.
Found in this ungraspable whole, the graphic sign-like collage-works function as fragments and traces. Filtered and processed, narrowed down to one symbol, almost like labels they exemplify the discrepancy between the monumental show off of tradition and the irreversible rise of capitalism.
In addition the fine ink drawings entitled „Glitches“ are, line after line, celebrating repetition and turning flaws into virtue. Reversing the calligraphic notion of achieving perfection through permanent revision.


Das Projekt wurde unterstützt durch das

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