TAPE AIN’T GONNA FIX IT | duo-show with Delphine Pouillé | mar 23 – apr 9 2017 | basement, Vienna, A

Sophie Dvořák (A) / Delphine Pouillé (F)

The point of departure for this exhibition could be the term debris,
something decayed, both in the sense of temporally obsolete as well as
actually physically broken. Building on the concept of fragmentation the
artists deal with the themes of construction, cartography and the body.

The embedding of the Montezuma castle in the rock, the dalmatian like facades
of Sarajevo, or the Acropolis in Athens are but some of the inspirations
for Sophie Dvořák’s and Delphine Pouillé’s research along the way to the
conception of their exhibition entitled TAPE AIN’T GONNA FIX IT.

Using the respective means of their artistic practices, the work process
resembles an attempt at restoration or reconstruction and raises questions
about origin, original, copy and transformation.


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